Freiburg Institute for Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS) has been established at the University of Freiburg, Germany. The opening ceremony took place on Oct. 28th.

FRIBIS is intended to become an international center for UBI investigation and cooperation.

Scientists from various faculties and basic income protagonists from civil society, NGOs, activists, work together in interdisciplinary topical groups to examine the unconditional basic income in all its facets, to scientifically accompany UBI projects and to contribute research results for implementation strategies. Knowledge transfer from science meets the challenges of civil society and strengthens its opportunities.

Founding directors of the Competence Network FRIBIS at the University of Freiburg are professors each from the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Ethnology, the Institute of Educational Science, the Faculty of Theology and Prof. Dr. B. Neumärker of the Götz Werner Chair of Economic Policy and Constitutional Economic Theory.

In May of this year, the Götz Werner Professorship was established with backing of the rector of the University of Freiburg. The donors of the Götz Werner Chair are Beatrice and Götz W. Werner. Götz Werner is the founder of the dm drugstore-market group with 60 thousand employees today. In the last decades he already has been one of the most important voices for UBI in Germany. The Götz Werner Chair was established for the head of the department of Economic Policy and Constitutional Economic Theory, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Neumärker. At the Götz Werner Chair, Enno Schmidt is in charge of public effectiveness, transfer and networking. FRIBIS is the next level based on the Götz Werner Chair.

Interdisciplinary teams already exist on following topics: “VAT-financed basic income”, among others with H. Pape, founder of “Generation Basic Income Austria” and Prof. Dr. Dr. F. Schneider from Linz / “Psychology of the Basic Income”, a cross-faculty research program / “The management of UBI NGO’s” / “Foreign Aid Basic Income”, UBI as strengthening the resilience of societies in particular in Africa against the sellout of the country and resources / “Sanction-free / HartzPlus”, an ongoing pilot-project in Berlin, the first realization of a guaranteed basic income in Germany, among others with project manager Helena Steinhaus and Prof. Dr. R. Wieland from the University of Wuppertal. Further national and international teams and cooperations are in preparation. FRIBIS will also organize conferences and create a young generation research team.