Watch the recordings of the contributions of the first annual FRIBIS conference, 2021 on our Youtube channel.

This year’s the FRIBIS conference shed light on an emerging topic in economics of UBI: the monetary issues of a UBI. Monetary aspects are becoming more important due to an increasing economic interest in monetary innovations and major disruptions in central banking and finance.

UBI research is being increasingly influenced by this development. UBI pilots use specifically minted currencies to ensure local spending, and new strands of transformative economics propose monetary financing or community currencies as financing mechanisms for a UBI.

FRIBIS acknowledges this evolution by creating research teams in order to keep up-to-date with research in this field. At this year’s conference, FRIBIS presented this teams’ research, as well as other research activities. In addition, research collaborations were presented.

The event language is English.

Here you can find the event program