Bernhard Neumärker, Bianca Blum, Burhan Yalcin and Sema Yalcin have jointly published a new paper in the FRIBIS Discussion Paper Series, which is available in both German and English. Its topic is the counterfinancing of the Net Basic Income in times of debt-financed relief ​during the Corona Crisis.

In addition, Bianca Blum and Bernhard Neumärker have also published another paper in the journal World 2021, 2(2), entitled Lessons from Globalization and the COVID-19 Pandemic for Economic, Environmental and Social Policy. The paper analyzes the current economic and social crises, which have only been exacerbated by the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The authors discuss not only the extent to which Basic Income offers a non-bureaucratic solution to the social and financial hardships of the current crisis, but also the role it could play in addressing the social and environmental challenges of the post-crisis period.

On October 7, at 6:00 p.m., FRIBIS will host a Zoom event on Net Basic Income. Bianca Blum and Bernhard Neumärker, along with Susanne Wiest, the parliamentary petitioner for the crisis basic income, as well as Enno Schmidt (Freiburg Götz Werner Chair) will take a stand on their publications and report on their experiences with the parliamentary petition.

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