Does a society whose citizens have access to an Unconditional Basic Income exhibit
more direct democratic participation? Could Joseph Beuys’s art and work concept
point in the direction of the need for a basic income? What do we hope to gain from
the “Expedition Basic Income” project when trying to implement subsidized basic
income experiments in cities and communities via direct democracy?

On June 18th 2021 at 2 pm (GMT). Duration: 11⁄2 hours. Public event, Language:

Andreas Urs Sommer is a professor for philosophy with a focus on cultural
philosophy at the University Freiburg.
Laura Brämswig is founder and co-leader of the project “Expedition Basic Income”.
Michael von der Lohe is the director of “Omnibus for direct democracy gGmbH”
and an expert on Joseph Beuys’ concept of art and work.

Host: Gudrun Kaufmann

To join the event, please send an email to, and you will receive the zoom link to the event via email.

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