Financing UBI (FUBI)

This team researches the macroeconomic feasibility and implications of a basic income funded by debt-free sovereign money. This implies a new approach to government monetary and fiscal policy.

The team explores a revised economic theory of income, derived from an analysis of the changing structural sourcing of household income, using cross-sectional data from a number of country economies. The role of household debt in the income structure will be specifically analyzed. Basic income will then be proposed and tested in this changing income structure.

An exploration of the theory of money will examine claims that money is necessary debt, and derives its value from its acceptance to pay tax, compared to its acceptance to purchase goods and services.

The project methodology will include interactive engagement with academic economists, government economic officials, central banks, and economics think tanks. Existing and alternative models for funding flows will be developed, critiqued, and refined. The team will liaise with the macroeconomic and microeconomic simulation work based at IPR Bath, UK.

Research Team

Joe Chrisp
graduated from Oxford University with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He subsequently earned a MSc in Public Policy at the University of Bristol and a PhD in Social Policy at the University of Bath. In 2020/21 he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, and since 2021 he has been a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath. He lives in Bath, Großbritannien.

Prof. Evgeny Gontmakher
graduated from Moscow State University in 1975. He worked as a researcher in the Central Economic Institute under the Russian Gosplan (Ministry of Economic Development). In 1992-2003 he held positions as Head of Department at the Russian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection; Deputy Minister of Social Protection; Deputy Chair of Presidential Council for Social Policy; Head of Department, Russian Governmental Staff.
2009 – 2016 – Deputy Director and chief researcher at the ‘Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences’.
From 2008 – Member of Executive Board, Institute of Contemporary Development
From 2009 – Professor, National Research University HSE University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.
From 2016 – academic director of the Expert Group “European Dialogue”.
Lives in Moscow, Russia
James Barker
Academic Change Advocate for Rethinking Economics International.
Analyst at the Bank of England.
MSc in Economics and Social Sciences, Università Bocconi, Milan.
BSc in Economics with Econometrics, University of Exeter.
Lives in London, UK
Alessandro Bonetti
MSc Economics student at Bocconi University, Milan;
Coordinator of the online economics magazine Kritica Economica, Newspaper contributor.
Lives in Milan, Italy

Transfer Team

Emma Dawnay
Board Member at ‘MoMo – Modernising Money Association’ in Switzerland, which performed the Sovereign Money Initiative, leading to the national referendum in Switzerland on June 2018 with 26% of the votes cast in favor of the changeover to full money/sovereign money, money created only by the National Bank, not by the private banks as is the case today.
Emma Dawnay is core Team member of the Green House Think Tank and Green Party candidate in the UK. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration from the London Business School, Bachelor of the Arts and Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge and Cranfield University.
Lives in Wiltshire, UK

Alex Howlett
Founder of Project Greshm, the originator of Consumer Monetary Theory (CMT), and host of the Boston Basic Income podcast with Derek Van Gorder.
In 2015, he designed a way to implement basic income by bootstrapping a new fiat currency system from a pre-existing monetary standard.
Lives in Boston, USA

Miyae Kamioka
Translator and Activist on UBI, Direct Democracy and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Her work comprises translations of “Social Credit”, “Pots, Pans and Other Solutions”, lectures of Enno Schmidt and Geoff Crocker. She presented a talk about the situation of the local referendums in Japan on “Global Forum 2019”, the world congress of direct democracy, organized lectures and workshops of Enno Schmidt and Bruno Kaufmann in Okinawa, Japan. Now she forms a lobby for study sessions of UBI in Okinawa, Japan. A radio program of herself about UBI will start in April.
Lives in Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Katharina Serafimova
Social entrepreneur, author, initiator and co-creator of transformational initiatives to reconnect money, nature, and community. Katharina Serafimova worked as Head of Renewable Resources at a Swiss consulting company, as Head Sustainability at a Swiss Private Bank, and as senior advisor sustainable finance at WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Since 2014 she’s lecturing at the Institute for Banking and Finance, University of Zurich.
She is the co-founder of Food Networks.
Since 2017, she supports and co-creates the regional regeneration and food network initiative Terra Sintropica in Mértola, Portugal.
Most recently she co-founded the initiative Regenerate Forum to connect regenerative pioneers with global decision-makers and re-think the economy from soil to soul.
Lives in Oberried, Black Forest, Germany

Associates / external Team-Members

Prof. Dr. Joseph Huber
Joseph Huber, professor emeritus of economic sociology at the Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany. Research focuses on the monetary system theory and full money theory/ sovereign money (Sovereign Money, palgrave macmillan 2017).
Prof. Huber is considered the leading developer of the monetary concept of a full money system. He runs the website sovereignmoney.
Derek van Gorder
Derek Van Gorder is a filmmaker, YouTuber, and public advocate for Consumer Monetary Theory. His essay “Basic income and full output policy” describes the objectives a basic income might serve in a macroeconomic policy context. He engages in debate and discussions about economics wherever possible, and has recently begun co-hosting the Boston Basic Income podcast. You can find links to his written work & videos on his website:
Lives in New York City, USA