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FRIBIS Summer School 2023 Part 2/3 – Social Contract Lab Experiments

Juli 11 - Juli 14

The FRIBIS Summer School 2023 “Empirical methods of UBI investigations” is divided into three parts, and FRIBIS is pleased to invite you to the second part: “The Social Contract: a Behavioural Economics Approach with Lab Experiments,”. The first part will cover the topic of “How to Build a UBI Pilot“. The third part of this Summer School will cover the topic of “Microsimulation and Social Welfare Maximization.

Experiments on normative issues and agreement on the basic rules are necessary to identify the willingness of a society to implement basic income schemes. And social contracting under laboratory conditions is the only way to test, with a normatively sound procedure, the potential for social agreement on, and legitimacy, for a basic income.

Following an introduction to the normative qualification of the Social Contract approach and its experimentation, the first part will focus on developing basic designs, conducts, and applications of experimental basic income schemes, including their competing schemes and norms, in the laboratory.

In the second part, the focus will be on the application of Social Contract Theory to behavioural and experimental economics and will include both theory and experiments. Participants will discuss the relevance of behavioural experiments for normative theories and learn how to design and conduct sophisticated lab experiments. After discussing the normative relevance of behavioural and experimental ethics, with specific reference to Social Contract Theory, a theoretical model of compliance to agreements reached under the veil of ignorance will be presented. Laboratory evidence and experimental designs will also be introduced.


11th – 14th July 2023


On the 11th and 12th of July, the Summer School will be led by:

Prof. Bernhard Neumärker

Head of FRIBIS & Director of the Götz Werner Chair for Economic Policy and Constitutional Theory

– FRIBIS Team SoCoBis

– Marcel Franke SoCoLab

On the 13th and 14th of July, FRIBIS is honoured to have been able to invite the following researchers, who will present the second part:

Prof. Lorenzo Sacconi – Università degli Studi di Milano Statale

Prof. Marco Faillo – Università di Trento

Dr. Virginia Cecchini Manara – Università degli Studi di Milano Statale

The provisional programme and content are listed below. More details will be added as soon as they become available:

Date Instructor Content
11th and 12th of July Prof. Bernhard Neumärker Basics of Social Contracting and application to basic income issues in theory and experimental design
FRIBIS Team SoCoBis &
Marcel Franke (Instructor SoCoLab)
Experimental basic income schemes in the SoCoLab: design, conduct, & results
13th and 14th of July Prof. Lorenzo Sacconi Experimental Economics as a method for Normative Theories: the case of the Social Contract
Prof. Marco Faillo Laboratory: Experimental Design and Evidence
Dr. Virginia Cecchini Manara Conformity Preferences and an explanation of compliance with agreements under the veil of ignorance


Information for potential applicants
Applicants must fill in the form below, which requires a short note of motivation describing ways in which they would benefit from the Summer School and their research background and focus. Deadline: May 22nd 2023. Participation is free of charge. The summer school is designed for early-stage researchers, including PhD students and final-year master’s students.

Requirements for attending the Summer School are:

  • A basic knowledge of social contract theory (with particular reference to John Rawls’ Theory of Justice)
  • A basic knowledge of game theory and behavioural economics

The Summer School will include short presentations by a selection of participants. A limited number of participants will be admitted to encourage interaction. Applications will be reviewed by FRIBIS and candidates will be selected according to their motivation for attending the full course.

Successful applicants will be invited to take part in the Summer School at the University of Freiburg. Links to the software and literature will be sent out the week before the event.

Non–discrimination policy statement
FRIBIS does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in the selection of participants for the event.

More information needed?
Mail Lida Kuang for questions relating to the administrative and academic organisation.

Application deadline: Monday, May 22nd

Registration form

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