FRIBIS teams usually consist of 3-4 scientists, the “Research Group”, and 2-3 non-academic protagonists who, through their activities, are proven experts on the specific research topic.

The societal actors are called “Transfer Group” in the matrix, because they bring their intentions and experiences into the research and carry its results out into the public by means of their connections and skills.

FRIBIS teams and their team members are in exchange with each other and expand the FRIBIS network as a whole with their radius of action.

Each FRIBIS team is assigned a coordinator who accompanies the work of the team and organizes cooperation with other teams – e.g. data exchange, taking over individual tasks of one team by another team, media work, etc.

The table shows three examples of the composition of a FRIBIS team.

FRIBIS teams can – example “Sanction-free/HartzPlus” – be connected to an ongoing project as a research team, or – example “BIP” – prepare feasibility assessment studies for planned UBI projects, prepare expert conferences, evaluate past projects and empirical studies and process them in the media. They can – example “VATUBI” – investigate the financing of the UBI. They can conduct simulations, make theoretical and methodological contributions, be consultancy- or implementation-oriented, etc.

The FRIBIS Board of Directors decides on the approval of a team as a FRIBIS team after an application has been submitted. Already existing teams can submit follow-up applications for an extension of their work.

There are three different types of FRIBIS Teams:

Standart FRIBIS Team (SFT)
An informal application is required for approval as a SFT. A SFT can apply for support towards travel expenses, for events and individual activities, meeting fees and smaller honoraria to third parties, media relations, publications…. Larger amounts of support are not provided for an SFT.

Large FRIBIS Team (LFT)
To be approved as a LFT, an application is required detailing budget, timeline, list of preliminary work, etc. A LFT may receive a lump sum depending on the application, which also allows for the hiring of scientific staff.

External FRIBIS Team (EFT)
An EFT is an existing team with its own funding that benefits from exchange and synergies through membership in the FRIBIS network. Financial support from FRIBIS is provided for an EFT only to a limited extent.