Special Newsletter

FRIBIS Annual Conference 2022

Newsletter No 8 - 14.03.2022

Otto Lehto’s journey at FRIBIS: A visiting scholar talks about his time in Freiburg – “Ethics of UBI”: a series of seminars by Karl Widerquist available on our YouTube channel – “Basic Income Experiments” symposium by Roberto Merrill and Catarina Neves

Special Newsletter

dm-drogerie markt founder and patron of FRIBIS, Götz Werner, has passed away

Newsletter No 7 - 20.01.2022

Karl Widerquist will be a Visiting Professor at the Götz Werner Chair in the first half of 2022 – Do mini-jobs have to be cut on the way to a basic income? – Expedition Grundeinkommen wins the German Commitment Award 2021 – Ana Helena Palermo Kuss is a finalist for the German Thesis Award of the Körber Foundation (2021)

Newsletter No 6 - 19.11.2021

Symposium of FRIBIS Visiting Scholars Catarina Neves and Roberto Merrill on Basic Income Experiments – FRIBIS hosts Otto Lehto as visiting scholar  – The FRIBIS Annual Meeting 2021 on YouTube – First meeting of the FRIBIS Student Group – “Joseph Beuys and the UBI” on YouTube

Newsletter No 5 - 05.10.2021

Online event on Net Basic Income: Basic Income in times of Covid-19 and post-pandemic perspectives – The advantages of a UBI and financing it through VAT – Karl Widerquist on UBI: Interview with Enno Schmidt – Why a UBI is more in line with the ideal of democracy than the current German welfare state

News from FRIBIS - Announcement of the first annual FRIBIS conference 2021 - 24.09.2021

First Annual FRIBIS Conference 2021: Monetary Issues of

Newsletter No 4 - 16.09.2021

Event at the Museum: Joseph Beuys and the UBI – Founding of the FRIBIS student group – Interview with Prof. Andrea Kiesel – Conversation with Prof. Sascha Liebermann

Newsletter No 3 - 29.07.2021

Online-Event: NetFi first results of Circles network analysis on August 5th – Introduction FRIBIS Team NetFi – Lecture by Bernhard Neumärker on regulatory policy and UBI – FRIBIS at the Freiburg Science Market – Introduction FRIBIS team MUBINGO

Newsletter No 2 - 12.06.2021

Online Event: Political Participation and UBI on June 18th – BIRAL Seminar, June 14th – Introduction  FRIBIS Team Participation – Introduction FRIBIS Team Expedition – New Research Position “Expedition”

Newsletter No 1 - 26.05.2021

Online Event: Basic Income and Gender, June 4th – BIRAL Seminar, May 28th – Introduction  FRIBIS Team UBIG – Introduction FRIBIS Team Liechtenstein – New Working Paper by Geoff Crocker,Team FUBI