Politics of Basic Income Talk Series – Nika Soon-Shiong, Liz Fouksman, Richard Wallace & Elise Klein on March 21, 2024: “Basic Income and Reparations”

Our four guests will speak about the links between UBI and growing calls for reparations as a tool for global social justice, which can address the historical and contemporary ills of racial capitalism, coloniality, and ongoing dispossession. Can UBI be a mechanism for achieving repair? Is it possible for UBI to advance justice if it […]

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series – Social Contract

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series Presentation 2: Social Contract Bernhard Neumärker (University of Freiburg) This presentation introduces the tradition of the social contract. It pays particular attention to its significance for the economy and further establishes a link between social contract theory and basic income.  After that it explores the question of how a basic income […]

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series – Universal Basic Income

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series Presentation 3: Universal Basic Income Jurgen De Wispelaere (University of Bath) Basic income is increasingly considered a key feature in making social protection more inclusive and universal. As part of this approach basic income is often pushed as a social and economic right or even a human right. This presentation outlines […]

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series – Water-Energy-Food Nexus

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series Presentation 4: Water-Energy-Food Nexus Mike Jacobson (Penn State University) The water-energy-food (WEF) nexus is a useful framework for addressing complex transdisciplinary natural resource and environmental challenges in integrated, innovative ways. Practitioners of water-energy-food (WEF) nexus have recognized that an integrated approach, which assesses trade-offs and synergies in resource management instead of […]

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series – Social Protection

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series Presentation 5: Social Protection Leo de Haan (International School of Social Studies, The Hague) AF Kamanzi (University of Namibia) Social protection, once a peripheral topic in development talks, gained prominence in the late 1990s. Initially seen as too costly for developing nations and primarily benefiting formal sector workers, it evolved with […]

Politics of Basic Income Talk Series – Vincent Liegey Presents ‘A Degrowth Perspective on UBI’ – April 18th at 4pm

Vincent Liegey will explore the integration of Universal Basic Income (UBI) within the degrowth movement, examining its potential as a tool for systemic change. Can UBI, when aligned with degrowth principles, contribute to a sustainable and equitable future? How does it intersect with broader strategies for social and economic transformation?   Title: A Degrowth Perspective […]

April 22-24: Participate in Basic Income Research and Earn Money: FRIBIS Team SoCoBis Hosting Basic Income Experiments in Freiburg

The FRIBIS Team SoCoBis is hosting a series of behavioral economic experiments at the University of Freiburg from April 22 to 24, 2024. Participants will have the opportunity not only to actively partake in experimental research on basic income within a playful setting but also to earn money in the process. Learn more about it […]

An Open Forum on Feminist Definitions of Basic Income

co-organised by FRIBIS UBI and Gender team (FRIBIS-UBIG) and by BIEN working group for Clarification of BI definition (BIEN-CBID)Facilitators: Chloe Halpenny, Annie Miller, Toru Yamamori, and Almaz Zelleke Researchers, activists, and community members interested in basic income are invited to this open forum to discuss feminist definitions of basic income. Background: Is a penny a […]

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series – Empirical Normative Research

WEF-FABI Online Seminar Series Presentation 6: Empirical Normative Research Tobias Jäger (University of Freiburg The social contract has a long theoretical history. However, the empirical utilization of this idea is still rarely observed. This presentation focuses on the empirical relevance of social contract experiments to justify normative statements. The foundation of normative goals beyond efficiency […]

Politics of Basic Income Talk Series – Emergency basic income: Distraction or Opportunity – May 16th at 4pm

Jurgen De Wispelaere and Francesca Bastagli will explore the implications of Emergency Basic Income (EBI) for social protection systems and its relationship to Universal Basic Income (UBI). They will examine whether EBI can be integrated into existing programs, overcome barriers, and fuel changes towards more generous policies, while also discussing the divided opinions on whether […]