The FRIBIS team “Network Analysis and Financial Diaries” (NetFi) is researching community currencies and investigating their use in UBI pilot projects. In the online event n August 5th 2021, the team discussed various network analysis methods that can be used to learn about transaction data from the community currency project CirclesUBI. They also discussed the benefits and risks associated with using community currencies for UBI pilots. In addition, the team briefly reported on the international research collaboration BIRAL and its future projects.

Watch the recorded event.

Julio Linares is Co-President of Circles Coop eG.  in Berlin, and Social Outreach officer for the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).

Teodoro Criscione is Ph.D. Student in Network Science at the Department of Network and Data Science at Central European University, Vienna, Austria.

Valentin Seehausen (host) is team coordinator of NetFi, founder of Open Currency Technology and research assistant at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.