On 2 December 2021 Expedition Grundeinkommen was awarded this year’s German Commitment Award (“Deutscher Engagementpreis”). With the backing of FRIBIS, the Expedition is campaigning for the UBI by means of referendums to launch state-funded pilot projects in various cities and municipalities throughout the country.

In this video, Valentin Schagerl and Joy Ponader, activists of the Expedition, explain what their project is all about.

What is the German Commitment Award?

The jury of the “Deutscher Engagementpreis” awards the prestigious prize each year for exceptional civic commitment. What is special about the prize is that it is awarded by the public and not a jury. This year, more than 12,000 people voted for Expedition Grundeinkommen to be the winner.

What the prize means for the Basic Income movement and for FRIBIS

Awarding the prize to Expedition Basic Income is a clear demonstration of the growing popularity of UBI. FRIBIS, in particular, has good reason to be happy about the Expedition’s award: Since the founding of Expedition Basic Income in 2019, we have supported the activists with technical and theoretical advice as well as financial back up. In the FRIBIS Expedition Basic Income team (XUBI), scholarship and activism go hand in hand. Together we are committed to turning Basic Income into reality – in the form of nationwide pilot projects throughout Germany. 

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