FRIBIS is pleased to announce the publication of a new anthology: Politische Partizipation und bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen –,Narrative‘ der Zukunft ( Political Participation and Unconditional Basic Income – ‘Narratives’ of the Future), edited by Leon Hartmann, Sebastian Kaufmann, Bernhard Neumärker and Andreas Urs Sommer. It deals with topics that are key to the work of the FRIBIS team, Participation and UBI – ‘Narratives’ of the Future (PartUBI) and contains contributions from both academics and activists. The contributions are both in German and in English.


This volume is based on the work of the Large FRIBIS Team Participation and UBI – ‘Narratives’ of the Future (PartUBI). Like all FRIBIS teams,  it   includesboth researchers and activists. This interdisciplinary research team focuses on the relationship between Universal Basic Income and political participation from a cultural-philosophical and cultural-poetological perspective, particularly in the context of ‘narratives of the future’. The Transfer Team is politically committed to the introduction of a UBI, which it sees as a participatory lever for citizens to become more involved in democratic processes. The latter also builds bridges to a politically committed theory of visual art.



The volume is now available for € 19.90 and can be ordered from the LIT-Verlag website.