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Politics of Basic Income Talk Series – Vincent Liegey Presents ‘A Degrowth Perspective on UBI’ – April 18th at 4pm

April 18 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Vincent Liegey will explore the integration of Universal Basic Income (UBI) within the degrowth movement, examining its potential as a tool for systemic change. Can UBI, when aligned with degrowth principles, contribute to a sustainable and equitable future? How does it intersect with broader strategies for social and economic transformation?
Title: A Degrowth Perspective on UBI
Time: 18.04.2024, 4:00 pm (UK)

Degrowth has recently undertaken a critical examination of the traditional concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI), recognizing its potential both to support and to diverge from degrowth objectives. This discourse integrates UBI within a broader degrowth framework, alongside complementary concepts such as Universal Basic Services (UBS), local alternative non-speculative exchange systems, maximum income, wealth redistribution, decommodification, commons, and re-embedding the market. This presentation aims to demonstrate how UBI can serve to re-empower individuals and foster citizen participation through deep deliberation on our basic needs and how these can be sustainably, convivially, and enjoyably met. The talk will begin with a brief introduction to degrowth, followed by a detailed discussion on the conditions under which UBI could serve as an effective tool for degrowth initiatives.

Vincent Liegey is an engineer, interdisciplinary researcher, and a prominent coordinator of the international degrowth conferences and the Observatoire de la Décroissance. He has co-authored several seminal books on Degrowth, including “Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide” (Pluto Press, 2020), “Décroissance, Fake or Not” (Tana Editions, 2022), “Sobriété (la vraie) Mode d’emploi” (Tana Edition, 2023), and “Un Projet de Décroissance” (Utopia, 2013). Additionally, Liegey leads Cargonomia, a Budapest-based center dedicated to research and experimentation on degrowth. Cargonomia also functions as a social cooperative, offering sustainable logistical solutions and facilitating local food distribution with cargo-bikes.

Starting in Oct 2023: Politics of Basic Income Talk Series!

Starting in October 2023 and continuing monthly on every 3rd Thursday, join us for a global exploration of Universal Basic Income (UBI) politics, hosted by the Bath UBI Beacon and Freiburg Institute of Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS), in partnership with the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). Experts from around the world will share insights on UBI policy, movement building, and research.

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